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Missions Is Our Purpose

Top 15%

The top 15% of tithes and offerings are designated for mission use. As that 15% grows, new missionaries are committed to. Currently, CFC supports 34 missionaries on a monthly basis.

Todd Memorial Fund

Todd Memorial Fund: 100% of this money goes to missions. Todd is Pastor Sonny's eldest son who died in an accident while studying for missions.


Kenya: Is our adopted mission’s country. 100% of the money collected for Kenya goes to Kenyan ministries.


Mission trips are organized annually. In 1997, thirteen CFC members went to Hungary to renovate a camp. Since 1997, CFC has been to France, Brazil, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Austria, Australia, Kenya (twice), Peru, El Salvador, Romania, Guatemala (twice), Portugal, Bolivia, South Korea, Dominican Republic (twice), Poland (twice), Ecuador, Honduras, and South Africa.

Our Current Missionaries

CFC Believes Missions is the Heart of the Church

Sunday School: Each Sunday School class has a chosen missionary which they support.


Soda Machines: All profit from these machines goes to Little Lambs, an orphan care ministry in Kenya.


Metal for Missions: Metal is collected and recycled for Missions in Honduras.


Adult Social: An annual event at which an offering is taken and sent to a specific, chosen mission.


Golf Tournament: Also annual with proceeds going to Little Lambs as well.


Special projects are undertaken, i.e., “Samaritan’s Purse” at Christmas, Word of Life work trips and various roofing projects.

Mission's House: CFC owns a house in which missionaries can furlough free of charge.


Mission's Van: CFC maintains a van that is made available to missionaries.

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