Church Leadership





Jeff, Elder

Jeff has been attending CFC for over 30 yrs. He is involved in many aspects of church life. To Contact Jeff: #860-933-6129

Harry, Elder

Harry has been a pillar and role model at CFC for many years. He & his wife are faithful in multiple church activities.

To Contact Harry: #860-377-2636

Trent, Elder

Trent was raised in the CFC environment and has served in many roles at the Church.

To Contact Trent: #860-303-8173

Torrey, Elder

Torrey grew up in CFC and can be seen ministering in many different areas around the church.

To Contact Torrey: #860-428-5688

Steve, Elder

Steve has been a member for many years and his passion for people can be seen in his service to CFC.

To Contact Steve: #860-608-8406

Pete, Deacon

Pete has been attending CFC for over 20 years. He is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed.

To Contact Pete: #860-576-1138

Tad, Deacon

Tad grew up in the CFC environment. He plays a vital role in the smooth function of many ministries.

To Contact Tad: #860-634-7949

Kevin, Deacon

Kevin was raised in CFC and has played a vital role in missions work and facility upkeep.

To Contact Kevin: #860-428-9335

Tye, Deacon

Tye has been a leader on over a dozen mission trips with CFC. His skills in construction are a valuable asset to our church property.

To Contact Tye: #860-377-8962

Tim, Deacon

Tim is a newer member of the CFC family, but his faithful dedication to jump in & serve has made him a valuable member to CFC.

To Contact Tim: # 860-271-1375

Tate, Deacon

As a church deacon Tate also fills the role as church treasurer. His many hours spent in the church office speak as a testimony of sacrifice.

To Contact Tate: #860-576-4201 

Don, Head Greeter

When you enter the main foyer Don's smiling face is a welcoming sight. He has become a pillar in our hospitality ministry.


At Christian Fellowship Church, we place a high priority on preaching the Bible, have a strong focus on supporting and participating in mission's work around the world, provide dynamic and challenging youth programs, and have uplifting music as part of our services.


Office: 860-456-2759

Pastor's Cell: 959-444-2919


Pastor's E-Mail:

Address: 140 Pudding Hill Rd. or (PO Box 344) Scotland, CT 06264

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